Love Like Crazy Foundation
The Love Like Crazy Foundation
celebrates and remembers the life of
Bennett Jantz Hanneman

For nearly three years, Bennett valiantly fought Pearson Syndrome, an extremely rare mitochondrial disease that affects mutliple systems in the body. Despite all he endured, Bennett was a vibrant, happy boy. His smile and laughter were contagious. His bravery and resiliency were endless. Everyday, he loved and was loved like crazy!

The Love Like Crazy Foundation exists to show love in tangible ways to other children and their families as they fight various medical challenges. We seek to educate about childhood mitochondrial disease, especially Pearson Syndrome, as well as make financial contributions toward continued research for treatment and a cure.

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Love Like Crazy Foundation
Board Members:
Ben Hanneman
Lincoln Keck
DeLynn Fudge
Jaron Hill
Amy Moffiet
Julie Tubb